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Kefka is updating my maps these days, go there!


When I stopped mudding, my maps started to become inaccurate. That’s when Kefka contacted me and asked if he could update them. I happily gave permission for him to use my materials, update my maps and use my style. I just asked him to think about a thing or two and sent him anything that could help. There are some changes and additions to the maps, but that’s all well, Kefka needs to put his mark on the maps. I am still contactable if you have any requests or wonder anything about my maps.

Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the 7+ years I kept my maps online and updated!



The Maps - Maps and minor info divided by domains

Guide to the Maps - Map key, policy and a little history

Links - Links to other maps.

QUICK MAPS: Ankh-Morpork(me),  Ankh-Morpork and an A to Z index (Ariston), SUR:East, Sto Lat, Ramtops, Uberwald, Genua, Klatch, Bes Pelargic

Carriage stops maps, by Unslidge: Ankh-Morpork, All the rest

Not doing surveys now as I'm not actively playing.

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